Liceul Tehnologic Ing. IONETE AURELIAN Malu Mare

Our school is located in a rural area in the South of Romania, where low and middle class families reside. However, we have many students with social and economic problems who face the risk of exclusion and stigmatization. Since education in Romania is compulsory until the age of 16, a great number of students show lack of motivation and interest for studying. We also have students with specific needs (mild and medium deficiencies) so that we have to adopt customized learning packages for them in subjects we consider necessary. The school is attended by 486 students and has a teaching staff of 40 members. Our school specializes students in the veterinary field, qualifying them as veterinary technicians, commerce technicians, animal technicians, bee-keepers, landscape technicians, horticulture technicians. Our staff are both full time and substitute teachers all of whom are fully dedicated and highly qualified in the field of vocational training, interested in identifying the most adequate teaching methods and career guidance. 15 out of our teaching staff are qualified as teacher trainers with the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Pre-University Education, five of them are also members of the National Body of Experts in Educational Management. The school interaction with the social, cultural and economical environment; turning the school into a center of educational resources and services provided for the community; a school open to all citizens to provide them with equal opportunities for personal and professional development.

The school motto: “It’s easy to learn to walk. The important thing is where you are going. We know that not all children are the same. We, along with your family, guide you towards success and fulfillment, because you represent us. ”