Escola Secundária do Forte da casa

We are a group of 3 schools, from grammar to secondary level school. We have the traditional courses, for students who want to pursue studies in College, and we also have training courses for students who want to start working right after they finish the mandatory number of years they have to attend school.

Our students come from a diverse multicultural background – we have students from families' originally from Africa and from another part of the world.

We are an interesting melting pot of culture.

Our offer students classes of arts, humanistic, scientific areas and the vocational training courses of social cultural animation, truism, services, multimedia...

We are in Forte da Casa, a small suburban area, 15 minutes away from Lisbon, the capital and the main airport. There is a significant number of factories near the area although the major part of the working population works in Lisbon or Vila Franca de Xira.

The 3 school provide for around 1700 students with a teaching staff of 200 teachers and 40 operational assistants.

The socio-economic background presents a mix: we have working middle class and also a considerable number of families unemployed. This fragile and unstable economic situation reflects on the quality of living and experiences of our students. An increasing number is seeking for vocational and professional studies as an option to find work as soon as thy end the mandatory period of school

We have a significant number students born from African parents, but that were already born in Portugal, nevertheless, they face socio-economical discrimination regarding employment and accessing to higher education and better-paid jobs. Environment pushes them into a low level of cultural background and low life expectations.

European projects represent a way into a new vision of the world and give students the opportunity to build a sense of belonging to a wider horizon – erasmus+ projects are an opportunity to democratise a significant number or “border” students and prevent ESL

International projects are an answer to a need of building a net of influence and to reflect the modern wold we live in. since Comenius time, AEFC has been engaged in several European projects and students benefit from international teamwork.

Meeting students after they have finished the mandatory school time, once they have engaged in European projects apply to university and get more focused and oriented for specific goals