Mikkelin Lukio


- Education and lunches are free but school equipment costs (books cost about 30€ but you can buy used books for cheaper price)

- Our school is the only upper secondary school in Mikkeli

- Shcool starts at age of 16 and it usually takes 3 years to graduate

- There are over 800 pupils and teachers (plus other staff)

- Lessons last 75 minutes and then we have 15-minute break

- We have some classes that are complimentary (for instance first courses of biology, physics and history), but, in adittion we can choose what we want to study more than the complimentary courses (except for Finnish, English, Swedish and Math which are equally must-do´s for everyone)

- The students have some traditions every year; the secoond graders have a huge ball and the third graders have funny costumes while they throw candy to other students